ndc london 2018

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january 17-18, 2018

westminster, london

developers, students


09:00 - 10:00AM

Scott Guthrie
Executive vice president of the Microsoft Cloud
keynote: the modern cloud
In his keynote, Scott will take you through his experience on the company’s cloud infrastructure, server, database, CRM, ERP, management and development tools businesses.

10:00 - 11:00AM

Zhamak Dehghani
princical consultant @ Thoughtworks
API Gateway to Service mesh
Zhamak Dehghani works with ThoughtWorks as a principal consultant, currently focusing on system architecture for continuous delivery.

11:00 - 12:00AM

Adam Ralph
Software developer & open source advocate
What is .NET Standard?
.NET Standard is one of many new technologies to emerge from the mass of open source .NET initiatives during the past year. Compared to what's come before, .NET Standard is not only a more effective way to use NuGet packages cross platform, it's also way simpler.what is exactly is it and how does it work? How does it relate to .NET Core? Join Adam as he answers these questions and more, and takes a dive into some of the magic which makes .NET Standard work.

01:00 - 02:00PM

Amie Dansby
Software Game Programmer
Unity3D: not in User Manual
Developing software in Unity 3D engine to communicate with hardware devices outside of the realm of PC and mobile. Using modern .NET technologies and Unity 3D engine to connect and control hardware devices.

02:00 - 03:00PM

Clarissa Peterson
User Experience Strategist
Code Is Not Neutral: the Ethics of Programming
Are you responsible for the code you write? Ask the Volkswagen engineer who's in prison for creating software that allowed their cars to “cheat” on emissions tests. Or think of the ethical issues if you're programming IoT devices that spy on users and report back to the company. The technology we create affects people's lives. We need to be aware of how much power we've been given and start taking responsibility for what we build.

03:00 - 04:00PM

Eric Potter
Software Architect
What C# Programmers Need to Know About Pattern Matching
One of the most intriguing new features in C#7 is Pattern Matching. The key is to approach pattern matching with the right mindset. In this session, we will look at how languages like F#, Elixir, Swift, and Rust benefit from using pattern matching. We will learn how to get the most out of this language feature in C#.

04:00 - 05:00PM

Kevlin Henney
Consultant, trainer & Author
Refactoring to Immutability
It has been said that immutability changes everything. But what does that mean in practice? What does it mean for existing code that looks more like the mutant apocalypse than an elegant application of mathematical thinking? Immutability can be an ideal that is hard to reach. Refactoring, on the other hand, is all about the art of the possible. In this talk we'll be clarifying motivation and exploring some approaches to help reducing state mutability in code.
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