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travator gives you the pleasure and a complete peace of mind experience in planning your annual trip for family to Florida!
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Whether you are the first time traveler to Florida or the coming back one, it’s always simple and exciting in planning a trip to Florida with travator.
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Not sure what to do in Florida this year? - look up our favourite itineraries to get inspired.

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Tell us your preferences, view and select suggestions from our experts.

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Add to your plan all amazing offers met your demands, and check out.

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Our experts did a lot of surveys and travel to suggest the trips that are most interested by the travelers to Florida. Our itineraries are customized to your favourites and frequently updated to make them more interesting and more enjoyable each year.
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1 week
Fairy-tale Diary
A week in Childish Delights. An enjoyable plan for family with kids. Besides Walt Disney World, Universal Studio, and Seaworld, you can enjoy the beach or get into space at Kennedy Space Center.
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from $750 per week for an adult.
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5 days
Journey to the Kingdom of Cool
Five days in the Keys to enjoy sunny warmth and tropical breezes to see hightlights, swim, and play with dolphins, hike on trails through tropical forests, and much more.
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from $650 per week for an adult.
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36 hours
Drive-Thru Wilderness
Hang with more creatures than you can count, take a quiet tour boat to whisk you from the close wetlands of the park out into the glimmering, airy expanses of the Florida Bay.
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from $450-600 for an adult.
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36 hours
Life beyond the Theme Parks
Visit high design, fashionable Orlando-based stationer, and the studio - Rifle Paper Co, a taste of local history at Hannibal Square, visit Tiffany Extravaganze, and more.
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from $450 for an adult.
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Being the most visited state by Canadian residents, Florida has so many things to discover as well as important and useful tips to make your trip unforgettable. Our weekly blog will update you with amazing information that you don’t want to miss.
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Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival
Topiary displays, garden exhibits, outdoor cooking displays, concerts, kid-friendly activities and special dining events will take place from February 28 to May 28.
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Hot Shot Tips for the Wildlife
Jonathan Gregson tells about his inspiration and shares his tips for better travel photos especially for the Wildlife topics.
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Shop the Neighbourhood
There are plenty of local shops in Sanibel beach. Here’s our choice of local gilfs to pick up this month.
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“The Fort De Soto will take your breath away - visiting Florida with Travator plan was truly one of a kind experience that we will never forget!”
mel & joshua
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“I have so many good things to say about our trip. This was my first experience with Travator and it was a great one!”
spencer's family
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“Awesome trip to Key West!! Travator did a fantastic job planning our trip to visit all the keys!”
annie nat
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